At one time or another everyone has had the experience of buying an electrically-powered gadget, only to discover later that it won't run as is because 'batteries were not included.' The bulk of the materials that purport to teach 'grammar' and 'writing' have a similar problem, offering little of substance by way of linguistic technology to power them.



Language Included™ has the batteries. Color-coded pictures illustrate the structure of sentences, show how that structure determines what punctuation is needed, and why some of what we write is defective.

Unlike other diagramming systems, the Language Included™ method was not created for classroom instruction only, but is actually based on the structural equations of a scientific model of language whose formulas have successfully characterized the building blocks of languages the world over.

 The constructs of the Language Included™ system comprise a table of universal linguistic structures. While no language exploits all of the possibilities, all languages draw from the same set.
This is important, because it means that students who master the Language Included® system have a leg up on understanding and learning foreign languages too!

 Are you confused and annoyed by the profusion of rules and exceptions to rules taught in the name of English? Well, times are definitely changing - for the better, because the accurate detail of Language Included™ diagrams makes it possible to use them as visual aids for the purpose of stating legitimate principles of grammar unambiguously and clearly. Now, for the first time, students of language can learn fundamentals without struggling through the mire that has bogged down the English classroom for so long. 

 There is more good news!! To strengthen and complete the package, students are offered a discounted subscription to the Internet Writing Lab. Follow the forward link to find out all about it.


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