If you’re reading this, it means that you’re most likely on site for the first time and want know what to do next. Actually, it couldn’t be easier... Just return to the Home page, click Lesson 1 and start reading. It would be helpful, of course, to have some idea about what is it that you’re going to be reading.

Language Included™ is courseware. This simply means that it consists of computer software designed to teach a course of study. In this case, the course consists of lessons that cover principles of language structure and grammar. The text of each lesson explains principles that you need to understand. Exercises supplement the text by drilling vocabulary, sentence diagramming and composition. Just follow instructions and you’ll get along fine.

If you have questions that the text doesn’t cover and no one to answer them, use the Contact Us button on the Home page and give us a try. We don’t know much, but are willing to share what we think we know. 

Just one more thing - we value your opinion: Use the Feedback button to tell us what you think about Language Included™ and The Internet Writing Lab™.


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