Gaining the Ability to Write Well

Students who learn the many ways that sentences and their parts can combine generally find that their writing skills improve. As we have been combining various short statements and sentences into more complex conjoined and interconnected sentences, you may have had a similar experience. The good writer knows how to connect the short, choppy statements that express various facts into a flowing, well-connected text. The Junction Grammar Theory of Language (JG) used in the Language Included™ series uses easy-to-visualize, colorful diagrams to help you learn to combine language parts together correctly and interestingly so you can write well. Some would say that the color-coded diagrams help to combine the creative and visualization capabilities of the right brain with the mathematical and logical abilities of the left brain. 

In this chapter we will add to your knowledge of interconnections with nouns that were presented in the last two chapters. Because verbs are the center of statements, there are not just one, but three nodes, not counting nouns, where a connection can be made, namely, V, PV and SV.

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Chapter 6
Interconnections to Verbs

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