The Power of General Rules

Chemistry uses certain basic principles and rules to predict possible atomic structures. You may have seen the periodic table of the elements that was derived using these rules.


 As we have seen, Junction Grammar (JG) works like that too. The basic rules that connect concepts result in a chart of possible language structures. 

In the previous chapter you learned about interconnections that create relative clauses. JG’s possible structures include statements centered not only on verbs, but also on adjectives, prepositions and nouns. This feature of JG language pictures is like the design of Knex® building blocks. They have more connection points than can be used for any one structure, but in order to build other structures, the various connection points need to exist.

Let’s look at some statements with an Adjective, Preposition, or Noun in the nuclear slot.

Chapter 5
More Interconnections for Nouns
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